How to Teach Yourself Violin Easily

I’ve been learning to play the violin for quite a few years. And I love it. But it wasn’t always that way. The violin or the fiddle as my grandpa used to call it is really a diverse instrument with lots of applications. Currently I’m using the technique of teaching yourself violin to play jazz violin. This is way harder than you’d think it is. Anyway, enough about me. This article is for a friend who asked me if teach yourself violin was really practical and doable. I’m happy to report that it is.

Now, I need to add just one caution before we get started. I started off learning to play violin as a young boy when I saw my grandpa play fiddle in Irish pubs around town and at family get togethers. So in the interest of honesty, I have to say that I did take lessons from a violin teacher at the beginning. In fact I still do. But it was when I started to teach myself violin that I really think I made some good breakthroughs with the instrument. So here are my 3 tips on how to teach yourself violin.

  1. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and it takes time. Please understand this. If you are really serious about learning how to play the violin then you must be patient and give yourself the time necessary to learn the instrument. So many of my friends who have asked me if you can teach yourself violin get disappointed when the realise that it will take time. Give yourself at least 6 months before you can carry a few tunes.
  2. You have to practice. You won’t become the next Andrew Bird if you just play the violin when it suits you. If you are serious about how to teach yourself violin then I’d really encourage you to practice at least 30 minutes a day 5 to 7 days a week. Of course the more you do, the better you’ll become.
  3. The last best tip I can give you if you want to know how to learn violin is to be patient. I think patience is a really underrated virtue, and so the cliche goes. But it’s true. I think what really separates the best from the mediocre is their patience. The patience to practice for days and months and years. The patience to wait for success and to earn it, with the end in sight. If you can be patient and appreciate the journey of learning the violin you’ll do very well.

There you have it folks. 3 tips to success if you want to teach yourself violin. Remember the biggest point I want to leave you with is to get out there and practice. Find a great program to learn from and practice. Seriously, practice does make perfect.

What is the Best Violin for Kids

The love for music goes beyond most boundaries that we know of. You don’t need to be from a particular social class or profession to be able to enjoy it and there is certainly no limit to the age of a person to do so. And you also cannot put a limit on how young a person can be or should be to enjoy and even learn about music. It is one of those things that you just can’t contain or control.

Music is clearly one of the highest forms of art and it is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed. In order to appreciate it fully, you need to hear it played or performed. While some already derive their satisfaction from that, there are also many who delight more in being able to perform the music themselves. Yes, there are many musically inclined individuals who would rather be the ones playing, and they usually start young. That is not to say that those who started a little late are not as good or competent.

As everyone knows, there are many different kinds of musical instruments that are available to be played and enjoyed by musical enthusiasts and would be musicians. Some might be more difficult to play than others and people might also have their own preferences for the type of musical instruments that they would learn or they would let their children learn.

I have long been a music lover myself, and although I was never a gifted musician, my enthusiasm and love for music compensated for it. And I have kids that also love music and are very eager to learn how to play musical instruments. The only thing that worries me is that they are interested in playing the violin, which I couldn’t figure out when I was trying to learn it. That meant that I was contented with learning the guitar and drums.

Getting Violin for Kids

The first step towards learning the violin is to get the instruments first. And I was determined to get the best violin for kids that I could get so that my children would be equipped properly. So I wanted to make sure that we would only be getting the best violins for my kids, and of course they too expect nothing less than the best.

There are a few things to consider when buying a violin, and not just any violin but the best violin for my kids. I am quite keen on being able to keep all of those things in mind when making my purchase. Primary considerations are definitely needed, such as the sound of the instrument. There’s no question that the violin should really sound good, because at the end of the day that’s what you are after.
Then there is the question of it staying in tune. I certainly don’t want my kids to keep getting out of tune with what they are playing because the violin that I bought for them is not able to maintain its tune.