Learn to Play Violin

Hi again, Michael here and I wanted to let you know about a little video that I made on learn to play violin. It’s an online piece of software that I found and was pretty fun to play around with. It shows some cool pics of violinists and also the course that I’ve been raving about that really helped me boost my playing ability in a huge way.

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But more than that, how to learn violin has become so much more fun for me ever since I’ve started the program that that is all about how to teach yourself violin. So check out my vid and let me know what you think. The piece of music I chose you’ll know for sure, it is a classic, and one of my favorite classical violin pieces. Something I can now play, although only for friends and family. I think this is a piece that will take a lot of dedication and practice to get good at.

Take a look at that glass violin in my vid. Isn’t that cool. I wonder if it actually works. Looks like it could. I don’t think I’d be comfortable to learn the violin on something as fragile as that. My nerves would wreck me.

Anyway, this video was my humble gift to Vivaldi for his wonderful piece of classical music. Well, I guess for his many excellent pieces that he has given us. And also, I know I told you my granddad played excellent Celtic fiddle songs, he also really loved Vivaldi too. So this vids for you granddad I hope you like it.

When I was starting to learn to play the violin which as you know was just over a year ago, it was shortly after my granddad has passed away. Sadly, because I had never shown interest in music, my granddad’s estate was auctioned off, along with his violin. I’ve asked what kind of violin it was, but nobody seems to know. I’d hate to think it was a Strad!

Anyway, enjoy my vid and I hope you also get to learn to play violin, because it is quite possible to teach yourself violin. Even my dad’s coming along quite nicely! Who woulda thought!



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