The Truth About the Rothenburg Violin

I have been playing violin for several years now and lately I have started to master some really difficult pieces. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment and I want to get better in the future. I want to develop my full musical potential. In moving upwards I want to get a new violin. There is nothing wrong with the one that I used when I was starting out. It was my instructor who picked it for me and it could play all the notes, its volume is fine as well. Still, even if there is nothing wrong with with my old violin I wanted to get a new one that would mark my improvement as a musician.

I started searching for the best violin that I could buy. The next level to the one that I am using however are all very expensive. They are all way beyond what I can afford for a musical instrument. So I did further research because I really wanted a new violin that would be far better than the one that I was using. That was how I came across the Rothenburg violin. I first saw it on a website that was selling musical instruments. To tell you the truth, the reason why I was attracted to the instrument was because of its price. It was used and they were selling it for $120.00 which is not bad for a full sized violin. When I started to read on I was even more intrigued. It says that it is a copy of the Stradivarius 1732. That says a lot for a violin. To play even just a copy of a Strad would be a great opportunity for me, or so I thought.

The violin looked good in the pictures it was something that I could be proud to show off to other people. Before I bought it I did some research about the Rothenburg Violin just to satisfy my curiosity and what I found out kind of cooled off my enthusiasm for the instrument.

The merchants who are selling the Rothenburg Violin claims that their instruments were all made in Germany which has a fine tradition for making classical instruments. That would boost anyone’s confidence in the instruments. German craftsmanship and workmanship are the best in the world. However I found out that these violins are actually made in factories located in mainland China.

While fine musical instruments are also made in that country the false claim and the low prices should be a red flag to anyone who is out shopping for a violin. It takes a great amount of time and money to create a violin that will sound right. It can not be sold cheaply therefore. As a rule of thumb any instrument that sells for lower than $250.00 should be viewed with suspicion and one should check it further.

To make the long story short I did not buy that Rothenburg Violin, I just waited until I had enough money and I bought something that was better.